I’m new to blogging

What’s up people, I’m new to this blogging thing. Just wanted to let you guys know I’m out here. I’m also new to affiliate Marketing and I will be posting the legit site I’ve been working with. Anything I blog about or any site I place here will be free to join seeing that I started that way. I’m all about making real spendable money online and most things require some work. Don’t be fooled by all the claims that it’s easy I mean it can be once you know the steps to doing it just like anything else. The only easier way is to have one of them sitting next to you and doing it for you which only happens on TV. Don’t get me wrong there are people online trying to help others but they also have something in it for them, I have yet to find someone who cares enough to actually help someone without leaving em hanging halfway or without offering a service they have to buy eventually. That’s where I come in….I’m incredibly impatient and honestly am sick of all these selfish people on here who gave me the runaround and who continue to do the same to others. I will do my best to filter out the nonsense and only post about sites I actually earn with. I already have a few I’m not rich, I can’t post pics of my clickbank account because I haven’t sold that much but when I make even $50 I’ll be sure to show you and teach you exactly what I did to get that for free! I’m not in this to take money from people just to make my own, my reward will come from others signing up to the sites I post using my referral links. As a affiliate the money is in the referrals if you ask me, if you have a list of people willing to follow you to whatever site you promote and actually work with them you can make a decent income every week or even every day depending on how the site works. Anyway check back frequently as I will be posting links for you guys to try. Feel free to leave comments or questions for me I’ll be happy to help anyway I can.


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